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Welcome to Western University

Welcome to Western University

I woke up today, just like all of you to find that our school, our wonderful University of Western Ontario was rebranded and now was to be referred to as Western University. I don’t really know what I thought at first as I scrambled to go through Twitter and the Western website.  I noticed that some people were doing a great job of accepting the change, while others were struggling with the new name and logo.

I had the questions everyone else had… Why did they decide to change the name? Why was Simba included in the shield? Who made these decisions? Luckily we live in an era where all these questions can be easily answered via the internet.  I went to this website and quickly learned that they surveyed over 5000 alumni, donors and friends, 3700 students and 2000 faculty members to help make this change. They did a great job of talking to as many people as possible. This was not a spur-of-the-moment-guess-I-can-go-to-Rick’s-tonight decision. This change took time, effort, commitment and oodles of moola. We should be honoured that individuals were willing to donate so much of their time for the specific cause of enhancing our university. The Western administration even hired Hahn Smith Designs a design firm based out of Toronto which had designed the logo for the Museum of Modern Art, The Art Gallery of Ontario and Harvard (these people knew their shit).  Western is the best, and therefore we deserve the best. This new logo and brand is a step in the right direction.

This video helps convey the reasoning behind the new logo and name…

So while it is a bit bittersweet in how I will have to hashtag #WesternU instead of #UWO, I am proud and excited to be a student at The University of Western Ontario Western University during this time because honestly, what makes us love Western so much? Is it that we had a big tower in our logo before? Was it because we chanted U-W-OOOOOOO at football games? Or was it because of the amazing people on this campus and the phenomenal faculty? Maybe you loved Western for Rick’s Wednesdays and first floor Club Weldon (I’m waiting for a time when I can reserve a booth on the second floor). Maybe you loved going to an affiliate and having the small and big campus experience. Whatever your reason was for coming to Western after high school, I’m positive it wasn’t because of its name or its logo. You came to Western for the best student experience, and whatever the name of this wonderful place it, it is still where we call home.

I think our buddy Billy Shakespeare said it best, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

eat bacon. drink fountain pop.

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