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Mistake of the Week: USC Elections- Just Kidding, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Mistake of the Week: USC Elections- Just Kidding, Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

You were told to get out and vote… well technically you didn’t even have to go anywhere, you just had to sign in and click a few buttons. You were told that yes, you were only one vote, but yes your one vote mattered. You were told you could help change Western, that you could make a difference. But then late last night, some buddy in his basement with probably little to no friends decided to take the USC Elections into his own hands and hack the site. Thanks a lot, kid. You suck.

The USC did everything they could to stop a re-vote from occurring, but after a hack happens, there are not very many options. So how do you feel? Do you want campaigning to continue? Do you want to be spammed again all over Facebook and Twitter? Will you vote this time, if you didn’t before? Or will you vote again if you did the first time?

This year, over ten thousand students voted, which is the most in history. Will this number become greater? Everyone loves a good scandal, right? Or will this number decrease as a sign of some voters believing the system is flawed and the current turn of events simply enforcing this idea?

I think what happened is leaving a lot of unanswered questions from the student population. People really want to find this hacker, and I guess I do too. I think I’d have some choice words for them.

eat bacon. drink fountain pop.

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