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For the Ladies: Brazilian Butt Workout

For the Ladies: Brazilian Butt Workout

With summer fast approaching many of us ladies have been cleansing, gyming-it and freaking out. The thing about a summer body however is it’s not just about having a flat stomach and losing weight. The hottest feature a girl can have, and I am sure many men will agree, is a nice ass. Therefore ladies, we must do some work! We must prepare for the season of bikinis, cut offs and short skirts. Combining moves from Fitness Magazine, The Haute Bunny, Super Skinny Me and various Instagram workouts, I have developed a butt work out that kicks ass, literally. So without further ado, here is your personalized Brazilian butt workout, you’re welcome.

A little motivation.

This workout can be done anywhere and anytime. Literally I did this in my kitchen last night while I was waiting for my chicken to cook. As long as you have a cushioned surface for your knees and a wall to lean against, this is an anywhere kind of workout. It is also very fun to do with a group of friends to some motivating music.

Move 1: 25 Squats

Move 2: 25 Pile Squats

Move 3: 15 Lunges (Each side)

Move 4: 20 Donkey Kicks (Each side)

Move 5: 20 Fire Hydrants (Each side)

Position C is only for the more advanced, but your welcome to try it. If you are unsure of the technique involved in this move, refer to the video below.

Fire Hydrant Exercise

Move 6: 25 Hip Lifts

Move 7: 15 Jump Squats

Move 8: 60 second Wall Sit

Once you have completed this one set your glutes should be burning. If not, well repeat and do another set. For those who find this very easy try holding weights during your squats, lunges and pile squats. This workout, done every few days, is sure to tighten your tush and give the boys something to remember you by as you walk away.

Happy Tightening Ladies!

Eve is a fourth year Medical Science student at Western University, working her way towards her dream field of Medicine. Her "For the Ladies" articles are a women's go to for advice, guides, reviews, and a bit of fun. Passionate in all aspects of life she is excited to be continuing her adventures here in London, Ontario.

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