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Do NOTHING for 2 Minutes – I Bet You Can’t!

Here we are in 2011, leaving behind 2000-2010, the years of  BlackBerrys cell phones, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook domination.

The above-mentioned are often, or pretty much always, the culprit for taking us away from our “normal” lives. I can’t remember the last time I went more than 5 minutes without checking BBM, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. This, by a few people out there, is being viewed as a problem. But let’s face it, all that stuff is so cool… and they’re probably just mad you have more Facebook friends or followers than they do.

However, with so much time being spent on these activities that used to be viewed as unnecessary, or just plain didn’t exist at the time, we have to come to the realization that we are addicted to it. For some people, it may be time for an intervention.

Seriously, if one more girl is walking right at me whilst BBMing head-down style, I’m lowering my shoulder…. than tweeting about it later (#heavy). is a website that asks you to do exactly what it says in the URL: to do NOTHING for  a whole 2 minutes. You literally just click this link here and watch a single frame of an ocean, accompanied by the sound of waves and birds doing a bit of chirping. There is a 2-minute countdown that begins when you click the link. The countdown will read “Fail” upon any recorded mouse or keypad movements, so the challenge is to not to do anything on your computer. No email, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube -  just relax and listen to some groovy waves. Try it now and click the link marked “here” above. Do it.

Impossible right?

Alex Tew, creator of Million Dollar Homepage (I’m not sure what that is… but it’s not relevant to the story anyway), has some thoughts about this recent “taking-over” by technology. He is essentially saying that these days, we have unlimited access to new information on a regular, all-the-time basis, to the point of being in danger of information overload. Why wouldn’t we be just checking everything all the time? It literally is new information that is constantly at our disposal.

He also goes on to speak about the evidence of our brains being rewired by the internet. How? Apparently every time we check our Email, Twitter, or Facebook, we get a little dopamine kick when we get a new email, notification, or if someone dropped a sick tweet at you. Essentially, we are all developing ADD, which just can’t be good for productivity in the long-run.

Pretty deep stuff.

So keep your head up (literally…), and be wary of the amount of time you spend on these various technologies.

Keep it Fresh,


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