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Bring Back the Hot Weather!

Bring Back the Hot Weather!

How much do you miss the spell of global warming we had just a few weeks ago when summer graced us with it’s presence? Yes, we’ve recently gone back to normal seasonal temperatures, but this is probably Mother Nature’s way of saving everyone’s marks from dropping 10 percent. The amount of people that wrote off school during our small taste of summer to spend it day-drinking was greater than the number of people in class. Here is how I am going to spend the next day that is 20 degrees or higher:

Grand Bend: I am sure your facebook and BBM statuses were overloaded with people who decided to screw the books and hit the beach. Those Cancun tans have completely faded away, so why not get some more natural sun instead of that fake stuff. Port Stanley is also a great option (it’s in the opposite direction of Grand Bend) if you’re looking for some sun!

Sharon’s Creek: Many of you may not even know this, but there is an unreal rope swing at Sharon’s Creek. Here you can swing into the lake, canoe, kayak, and feel like your in cottage country… almost. It is definitely one of London’s best kept secrets and somewhere that everyone should experience when the weather is nice.

The epic rope swing at Sharon's Creek

Barneys/Jack Astors/Spoke Patios: There is NOTHING better than waking up, and hitting the patio instead of Weldon. Use any down time from exams to take advantage of patios while you can! Pitchers + sangria + more pitchers… #YOLO right?

Study for Exams Outside: When winter jumps to summer, finding a key picnic table is almost harder than finding a spot in Weldon during exam time, but it is so worth it. Try Victoria Park, your rooftop, or your front lawn because really anything works. Even if you end up sprawled out beside the hotdog stand on concrete beach, at least you are outside doing work instead of being caged in a library jail cell.

So let’s all pray for the weather to return to above 20. The next day that you are wearing shorts and a t-shirt, make sure you are outside and I will save you a spot at Barney’s for noon.

Save the planet. It is the only one with beer.

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