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A Winter Wonderland – Top 5 “Day Date” Ideas

A Winter Wonderland – Top 5 “Day Date” Ideas

Day dates in the winter can be truly romantic!


Coming back from Christmas holidays might leave you feeling a little sentimental and possibly looking for a little lovin’ as you get ready to take on the brand new year. Part of your yearly resolution might be to finally muster up the courage for that hottie you’ve been scoping in your psychology class all semester and finally ask them out. But what are you going to do on your first date? How are you going to charm your way to a second date?
The answer really lies in the simple fact that whenever you’re trying to impress someone, being yourself is the best piece of advice! No one wants to waste their time getting to know someone and then realizing that person is a sham – life is too busy as it is! But if you’re really trying to get to know someone on your first date, then trying out a “day date” might help take a lot of the pressure off. Dates that take place during the day have many positives; they can be less formal, less expensive, a good date can literally last all day without the pressure of it ‘being too late’, you have more choices which allow you to get a little more creative and since it’s daylight hours, people won’t be able to use alcohol as a crutch to making poor choices.

For all those reasons and more is why I’ve put together a little list of some of the best winter season day date ideas. My ideas might just inspire you to just get a little creative and make this New Year a great year for you and someone pretty awesome.

1. Tobogganing / Tubing

Pull together $20, go your to nearest Canadian Tire and grab yourself a couple magic carpets for an afternoon that will bring you both back to your childhood. Might I suggest Doidge Park at Cheapside & Waterloo?  Or, Google the tubing hill in St. Mary’s (River Valley Golf Club) for a hilarious adventure that is sure to get you both laughing, enticing that sexy pleasure setting dopamine to kick in!

2. Ice skating & a sweet afternoon delight…

Who doesn’t love cheesecake?!? Most cities have public arenas set up outside at this time of the year that are free and festive until early spring. Then why not warm up in a tiny coffee shop where the both of you can really just chill out, warm up & actually get to know each other better, with your clothes on. If you’re looking or a like-to-love relationship then investigating if you two actually have chemistry should be on the priority list.

3. Museum/Art Gallery

Dates don’t always have to be filled with mind blowing exciting new moments all the time. Indulging in the arts is a great way to ignite conversations that you might not have prepared before the date, and is also a great way to stimulate your mind – that other very important piece of the chemistry puzzle. Being able to share in an experience as subjective as the arts can be just as exciting and you both might have the opportunity to learn something new not only about your date, but about yourself!

4. Hot yoga & a sushi lunch

This idea is great because it’s a healthy alternative that is unexpected & yet trendy. If you can think of your first date as an adventure that you really don’t have a treasure map to follow it helps take a little bit of the pressure off.  It can be fun to mix it up on a first date and take someone on a new experience that might not be the typical but will definitely be memorable. This option is sure to help feng shui your date and your day!

5. The Palasad

Do you fancy a little pool, maybe an arcade game or two? Invoking a little competition in ourselves leads to the rise of testosterone, one of our main sex drive hormones; but testosterone may also be associated with our lingual and cognitive abilities, making it a little easier to ”say what you mean and mean what you say” kind of experience. Also, this option offers a variety of things to do! You can bowl, play some billiards, or roll into the arcade – all while enjoying some delicious munchies and a cool beverage. Taking a date to a place like this ensures that the night keeps flowing without really much planning effort on your part which can help you relax and really just enjoy the night!


Dr. Carlen is one of Canada’s most sought after Sexologist & Relationship Experts. Now, she’s looking for help to reach out to as many people as possible. Dr. Carlen wants everyone to know that it’s important to stay sexy. Sexy Living is all about nurturing the attitude that allows us healthy and happy intimate relationships. It’s about communicating, behaving, loving and translating your own sexual energy into satisfying your fantasies & desires. Keep an eye on her Twitter @drcarlen or Facebook page: “Simple Advice for Sexy Living” to see more blogs, tips, advice, & see if the TLC Sex Show is coming to a campus near you!

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