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10 Things I Want To See In 2013

10 Things I Want To See In 2013

In no particular order, these are the things I want to see (or see more of) in 2013

10. NHL

I want the NHL back. I want to see Habs and Leaf fans arguing over their last meeting. I want a bar to get packed with people, all stretching their necks to try and glimpse a corner of the ice in a section of the screen just to say they witnessed that goal. I want the NHL back, and I’m not even a die-hard fan. For all those that are struggling without Hockey Night in Canada, and the highlights to help you through those tough Sunday mornings, my condolences. The only thing bothering me at this point is why TSN insists are reminding me everyday what day of The Lockout we’re on and that there’s still no progress. Thanks, Jay and Dan.

9. Beyonce

I want to see more Beyonce. Beyonce music should be on heavy rotation around the city- like in malls, clubs and Starbucks. Beyonce is perfect for all settings. I want there to be more specials on Destiny’s Child and Beyonce on TV. I want to see more Beyonce.

8. Legalization of Gay Marriage Everywhere

I want every country and every culture to accept gay marriage, but I understand that could be a lot in one year. So I’ll compromise and ask for the United States to pass an amendment legalizing gay marriage throughout the entire country. I also want the government of every state currently not allowing gay marriage to write a sorry letter to their local LGBTQ chapter. Yes, I definitely want to see that in 2013.

7. Another filter on Instagram

Because I really just want one that just makes me more tanned. That’s possible, right?

6. Detox

Dre’s been talking about Detox since 2001 and despite a leaked song here and a rumor there, there is still no hard evidence of the compilation even near completion. I’m dissapointed in the Doctor. But we still can’t act like we Forgot About Dre

7. A Successful Blue Jays Team

I almost don’t want to say it out loud but since everyone else is I guess I’m allowed. I want to see the Blue Jays in the post season, and with all the trades they’ve made and the roster they’re putting on the field, it would be an embarassment to the organization and every member of that team if they didn’t. Las Vegas has them winning the Series, so let’s at least make the playoffs and not choke too much this year, okay boys?

6. Less Bachelors/Bachelorettes

I don’t want anymore fake TV series about 304 women saying they are all deeply in love with the same guy with a Ken doll like haircut and country club approved sweaters. It’s too much for my weak stomach to handle, please give it a rest. I don’t believe that all the women fall immediately in love with the same guy or girl and I also don’t believe that so many people would be okay with someone they “love” loving/ obviously hooking up someone else. This just seems like one step below Plenty of Fish.

5. Gun Control (especially in America)

I think we can all agree that after the recent events and terrifying statistics that have surfaced, gun control laws need to be re-assessed and altered to better reflect the current culture. This especially needs to happen within the United States of America.

4. A Perfect Bracket

I want to see a perfect March Madness bracket. Yes, I am already thinking about March Madness and cannot wait for it all to begin. But looking forward, I would love to see a perfect bracket, I would love it even more if that bracket was mine. I would love it even more if my mom, dad and brother’s brackets were all brutal. Yes, my entire family fills out (and has been filling out for almost six years now) March Madness brackets. Selection Sunday is our Christmas Day. You’re jealous, I know.

3. Swedish House Mafia

I want Swedish House Mafia to release new music and I want to see them. Oh wait, I am.

2. Real Bacon

I’ve had enough of bacon flavoured this and bacon flavoured that. I don’t want bacon flavoured gum, I don’t want bacon flavoured toothpaste and I really don’t want a bacon scented car air freshener. I just want bacon. Not on everything, not all the time. But bacon everyday keeps the therapist away. That’s what I always say at least.

1. Barney’s

I want to see more of Barney’s patio. For those of you who know me, this will be a tough thing to accomplish after Summer 2012. But I’m down to give it a try.

eat bacon. drink fountain pop.

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