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The Perfect New Year’s Kiss

The Perfect New Year’s Kiss


As you gather around with bottles of Bambino (for the thrifty, but classy) or bottles of Dom Pérignon (for the extravagant and showy), there’s one thing that both parties have been dreaming about all night – the perfect New Year’s kiss. Whether your dream kiss includes lots of tongue or whether you swear by the “lesser-the-better” tongue kissing (insisting that tongue kissing was invented by the spawn of Satan), the one thing that can take that New Year’s kiss from sub-par to fairy-tale ending is the setting. And what better way to perfect the atmosphere on New Year’s other than some great kissing music. It might be a little strange to change the music to your preference mid-countdown, but work with me here, I’m sure you can figure out something to make this kiss just right.

The passionate kiss.

This is the kiss that catches your breath. The one that – as clichéd as it may sound – has you standing there, with dozens of people around, that disappear as seconds pass. This kiss can arise from that random person you met at the beginning of the night, with whom you’d had unbelievable chemistry or it can come from someone who’s been fueling the fire for months. Either way, this is the ultimate gusto, the kiss you strive for, and these are the songs that should accompany this passionate kiss:

“Slow” Tinashe

“Don’t Judge Me” Chris Brown (ClubHeadSLiim Re-Work)

“Mr. Incredible” MYA

“Lolita” Lana Del Rey

“Sweet Talk” Jessie Ware

The friendly kiss.

This is the kiss you receive (or give) to one of your closest friends. Both of you know there’s nothing going on between each other and just want to show your appreciation for the other’s friendship. This can be the kiss you give to the person standing next to you, who like you, is single on New Year’s and feeling a little awkward come the end of the countdown. Help each other out, sharing is caring (even if it happens to be germ-infested saliva sharing). Put these bad-boys on for this sorta kiss:

“I Found You” The Wanted

“Hey Na Na” Katie Herzig

“Wildest Moments” Jessie Ware

The “this probably won’t end in a kiss” kiss.

This is the kiss that is fueled by one thing. Sexual tension. We all know that this ingredient is part of a recipe for disaster, but sometimes, these are the best kisses. These kisses are reserved for those that you hate more than anything (but would secretly kill to see naked). These kisses last longer than the expected kiss would and tend to change settings as time goes by. These songs will start you off nicely in public but are more suited for private:

“Fuck U All the Time” Jeremih (Shlohmo Remix)

“In the Dark” Jojo

“773 Love” Jeremih

“You Make Me Sick” Pink

The sloppy kiss.

We all know this happens. This is the kiss that ensues after you’ve had the Bambino bottle in your hand for far too long. The one that comes right after you’re singing Taylor Swift’s latest radio hit on full blast and getting looks from all in attendance. This is the one you’ll regret in the morning. The more tongue, the better:

“Nobody’s In Love” 2am Club (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

“Die Young” Ke$ha

“Control” Metro Station

The “get me out of the friendzone” kiss.

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. You’ve built up all of your courage to tell your good friend that it’s time to take this friendship to the next level. This is the kiss that is meant to (hopefully) change things in the new year. When this kiss ends you’ll know whether it was meant to be or if you should enter hibernation mode for the next few months:

“Sex” The 1975 (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

“More of You” Mozella

“Say” John Mayer

“Daylight” Maroon 5

Whether you lean towards that sloppy kiss this New Year’s or opt more for the passionate one, hopefully these songs make the kiss THAT more special. Happy New Year’s to all! Cheers to another year!

I enjoy good music and good wine.

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