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The Neighbourhood: Introduction and Interview

The Neighbourhood: Introduction and Interview

Today, I have the great task of introducing you to the sure-to-be hit band, The Neighbourhoods. Hailing from California, this band has taken a similar plot line to Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd, remaining mysterious and captivating music fans of any and every genre with their pure sound and Prince-like mystique. With a mellow drum beat to keep their tracks going (so far), The Neighbourhood has legitimately captured the ears of the entirety of the music-listening community as they get set to release their debut EP, I’m Sorry, on May 7th, 2012. Having included “Sweater Weather” on one of my more recent playlists, I just can’t get enough of their music, which has become a staple to the soundtrack to my life. Read on below for my interview with the mysterious crew and revel in the splendour, also known as The Neighbourhood.

PremierLife: Who are you (members/band/where you’re from)?

The Neighbourhood: The Neighbourhood from Newbury Park, California

PL: How did The Neighbourhood come to be?

TN: We are all best friends, we hang out every day, we all play music, it just made sense

PL: Being the most hyped up and coming band of the summer, what can we expect to see soon?

TN: Our EP is out May 7th and we will be touring throughout the summer. We have more music coming later this year

PL: With only two songs floating around the internet, “Sweater Weather” and “Female Robbery,” should the world be anticipating the upcoming EP, I’m Sorry, to be along the lines of those songs?

TN: Definitely man.

PL: Who are some musical acts you’d like to bump into and possibly collaborate with in years to come?

TN: We  are just focused on our own shit right now

PL: Where do you start when making a song? Lyrics? or Instrumentals? How do you know when what you’ve got is good?

TN: It all typically starts with a drum beat. And then we layer everything on top. We know its good when all five of us are happy with it.

PL: What do you draw on for inspiration, lyrically?

TN: The melody is created first and is always priority. The lyrics come off the top of my head.

PL: Do you truly know how much buzz the band has received on an international or do you hold the life lesson that Kanye put in verse, “You never know what you got ’til it’s gone,” true?

TN: Yes we aware of the buzz internationally, it all started offshore with NME and Zane Lowe

PL: On twitter, we had a conversation about “recording only what you can perform live.” What is the limit (genre-wise) for The Neighbourhood?

TN: I don’t see what genre necessarily has to do with that. But yes, an artist should always be able to perform their songs live. I believe the talk we had was about vocal performance.

PL: What are your plans for the rest of 2012?

TN: Same as above… Our EP is out May 7th and we will be touring throughout the summer. We have more music coming later this year and we will be in Europe later in the year

PL: How far have you come since 2011?

TN: A million miles

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