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The Global DeeJays Tear Up Jim Bob Ray’s [Video]

The Global DeeJays Tear Up Jim Bob Ray’s [Video]

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 was no typical Cabin Fever Wednesday. Our beloved watering hole was filled with all the regulars, however this night was far from standard. With a line-up starting at 9 PM, excitement filled the city as Jim Bob Ray’s played host to the Global DeeJays. Most couldn’t believe their eyes when they stepped into London’s favourite bar. It had been transformed into the ultimate, intimate concert experience. If you missed out on this show, I hope you had a good reason… Cover was only $5! But don’t fret, we’re sure these concerts will become a regular part of the Western experience. & Premier Productions Inc. thank you for your continued support!

Playing right until 2 AM, Global Deejays left the crowd begging for more. Check the video out. Did you make the cut?

Video by Adrian Macijiwsky of AM Films

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