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Soulja Boy Tell’em x 50 Cent – “Mean Mug”

50 Cent might have traded in his bulletproof vest for an argyle one, but he can still put a good show on and XXL Magazine hit the nail on the head when they called Fiddy and Soulja Boy “a hater’s worst nightmare” (Click here for some footage from the XXL photoshoot).

This September, the Twitterverse watched SB (@souljaboy) get into a full blown verbal brawl with Queens MC Fabolous. Topics of conversation ranged broadly from SB dissing Fab’s Twitter handle (@myfabolouslife), to Fabo putting Soulja Boy on blast for an alleged cocaine addiction (a rumor started by famous video girl repulsive video slut Kat Stacks). has a lovely montage of screenshots HERE to give you the full conversation…its pretty clear that Soulja Boy won by a landslide.

The consensus is that the two started fighting over Kat Stacks’ overworked genitals, and who could hold claim to them (because for some reason rappers like to have sex with her), and the disses snowballed into a full out Tweet-tantrum by Soulja Boy. Luckily for the young Atlanta rapper, 50 Cent stepped into the ring and came to SB’s defence: “For the last time i’m telling you n*ggas leave my n*gga alone. Hollow tips make you spit more than a hot 16″. Fiddy didn’t stop there though. He took another shot at Fabolous in a showing of loving support and homicidal rage: “I get all you n*ggas killed f*ck that. I dare you n*ggas to touch him. Soulja say whatever you want. N*ggas ain’t gon do sh*t.”

This video solidifies the artistic and personal bond between the two rappers, as both of them have admitted to feeling a mentor/mentoree connection in their friendship and make it clear that they always have each-others’ back.

Here’s a link to the Hot 97 freestyle by Fab that helped provoke the fight.

In completely unrelated news: Soulja Boy might have impregnated Kat Stacks, and Kat Stacks might (fingers crossed) be getting deported back to Venezuela

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