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Sam Adams and LA Riots Take Detroit

If you haven’t heard of Sam Adams — the rapper, not the beer — you certainly aren’t making the best of your university career.  A university student himself, Adams triumphantly burst onto the hip-hop scene a couple years ago with his remix of Asher Roth’s “I Love College”.  His version, “I Hate College” was blasted throughout university cities everywhere — especially here, in London, Ontario.  Adams, also known as Boston’s Boy, is originally from Boston but attended Trinity College in Connecticut.  Unsurprisingly, he is promoted as the ultimate college-party-boy-rapper.  Currently, Adams is signed to 1st Round Records and has released a hip-hop EP called Boston’s Boy and an electro-rap mixtape called Party Records.  He and his entourage are on his nation-wide Party Records tour and I happened to catch him in Detroit at St. Andrew’s Music Hall (the venue where Eminem spit his first rap battle).

The show was opened by a great thirty-minute set from LA Riots.  (If you haven’t heard any of their mixes, head over to their soundcloud ASAP).  This DJ duo consists of DJ/producer Jon Pegnato and stage DJ Daniel LeDisko.  Seeing as the audience in St. Andrew’s Music Hall had quickly turned into a mosh pit, perhaps hyping up the crowd before Adams took the stage wasn’t such a good idea.  Nevertheless, Daniel LeDisko did not fail to impress.  Since their creation, LA Riots has toured with MSTRKRFT, played Lollapalooza and rocked Ultra Festival.  Beatport even named them as the “Break Out Stars” at Winter Music Conference, 2010.  All that and they’ve only been on the scene for three years!  They’re likely still on the upswing, so keep an eye ear out for LA Riots.

Adams’ time on stage was even better than expected.  He was full of an energy that can only be described as young fervor.  He worked with the liveliness of the crowd to keep the show as engaging as possible.  The set list was a good mix between tracks from Boston’s Boy and the Party Records Mixtape; and even though it is the Party Records Tour, I’m sure the audience would have loved a couple more of the classics.  Based on the quality of his live show, I can definitely understand why Adams has blown up across the country.  Quick, get on the bandwagon before it’s full!

If you have the chance to catch the Party Records Tour I highly recommend it.  You can follow both these artists on Twitter @BostonsBoy and @LARiots.  Keep up with their music and we’ll let you know when they hit London or Toronto!

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