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Merry Indie X-Mas: A Holiday Playlist

Merry Indie X-Mas: A Holiday Playlist

Whether you’re celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa – this is the time of year for family, friends, and elevated cortisol levels. With all the stress that accompanies last minute shopping in malls, too packed for their own good, it’s nice to get some time to relax by the fire with some festive music dancing through the air. Over Christmas dinner, my uncle said, “As I left Meaford, I turned on some Christmas music. That shit didn’t stop until I got into Toronto. Who knew that there was so much Christmas music?” So, this week, as I stray a bit from Alphabet Soup, I’ve decided to write about something more suited for the occasion, as I tackle some perfect indie covers of classic holiday tunes. I know that Christmas can be filled with emotions ranging from rage (towards that one relative you quite frankly don’t care to see more than once a year) to complete adoration towards the ones you truly do love – so I hope to provide you with a playlist that can ease you through these tough times (hold in there, it’s almost over!)

For those who are miserable at this time of year, try these on for size. They’re bitter, and sour – just like you! As an added bonus, these ones go perfectly for those just before the holiday break-ups that are sometimes, inevitable.

“Xmas Cake” Rilo Kiley

“Ipod Christmas” Hello Saferide  

“Baby Please Come Home” Death Cab for Cutie

“Blue Christmas” Bright Eyes

For some classic Christmas songs, that actually might get you to enjoy the festive songs a bit more, check out these goodies:

“Christmas Song” The Ravonettes 

“Bizarre Christmas Incident” Ben Folds

“I Wish it Was Christmas Today” Julian Casabancas 

And because no playlist is complete without some Coldplay, here comes Chris Martin making us sad all over.

“Christmas Lights” Coldplay 

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” Coldplay

I also so happened to stumble upon a great Christmas compilation by guitarist Adam Horne of CoSign’d Bear Ceuse, titled “Merry Indie X-Mas,” which features mock renditions of Bon Iver, Gorillaz, Interpol, The National, Wavves, Mumford and Sons, The xx, Das Racist, and Beach House that are pretty spot on and pretty hilarious.

And as an added bonus (and because I’m feeling extra generous with all of this holiday cheer), here’s a Christmas edit of Kanye’s “Mercy” by R.L. Grime that you can twerk to with grandma.

“Mercy” Kanye West (R.L. Grime XMAS Edit)


I enjoy good music and good wine.

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