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Giddy Ft. Martin Giuffre – Triumph EP

Giddy Ft. Martin Giuffre – Triumph EP

For those of you who are fans of on Facebook, you may have noticed a little announcement last week.  Now, I shouldn’t really say “little,” as our very own Lithuanian, Giddy (who also goes by the alias of “Girius Cepinskas”) released an EP, Triumph, that puts the “EP” back in “Epic.”

Alongside Martin Giuffre, Giddy composed this big-room style track, “Triumph,” which is indeed, a triumphant feat.  ”Triumph” is a track that I’m not just going to say is great, as it is more along the lines of magnificent.  Reminding me of doses of Deadmau5′s ”Strobe,” a mellowed out version of “Replica” by Afrojack, a dash of “Tomahawk” by BT and a whole lot of what has yet to come from the music industry.  Giddy and Martin Giuffre have seriously pulled something brilliant together, with the huge build ups and the mellow, yet body-shaking, deep, sub-bass sounds that are able to make the biggest raver just smile in awe.

We are also given a nice little sample of what seems to be another stellar track, “ID.”  Now, we’ve all heard Avicii’s blockbuster track that goes by the same name, but wow, will it be given a run for it’s money, or what?! With more of an ethereal electro-pop/house sound, “ID” might be that breakout song that we all hope for!  According to the genius himself, “ID” is still a work in its infant stages and has a lot of evolution to undergo before being released to the public.  As I sit in my chair, writing this article, while listening to the Triumph-EP, I legitimately can’t stop myself from bobbing my head, grooving to the fantastic beats that should be hitting the clubs and bars in the next little while!  With great features from Earmilk and Salacious Sound, Giddy and Martin Giuffre are well on their way to some much deserved attention, including being up on the stellar music aggregator, Hypem!  Check the EP out here on Giddy’s Soundcloud page.

Giddy & Martin Giuffre – Triumph (Original Mix) by I Hear Giddy

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