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Bud Light presents Block Party 2012 ft Calvin Harris

Bud Light presents Block Party 2012 ft Calvin Harris

As an incredible follow-up to 2011’s inaugural Block Party,, Eletronic Nation Canada, Fourword Thinking, CDN Entertainment, and NiteSchool present: CALVIN HARRIS!

For those of you who were smart/lucky enough to have attended Avicii’s Block Party last year, I will be the first to say that you cannot claim to know what is going to hit London, as this upcoming show is going to blow any expectations out of the water!

This internationally renowned DJ will be gracing the stage for what is sure to be one of the biggest nights of each of our respective lives!

I’ll leave you with this image, picture being surrounded by almost ten thousand of London and the surrounding area’s craziest party-goers on a great September night just reveling in Calvin Harris, a modern-day music genius’ masterpieces.

Once more, in point form, here is what Block Party 2012 means:

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