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Alphabet Soup: Tomas Barfod

Alphabet Soup: Tomas Barfod

Have you all recovered from the New Year festivities yet? As you prepare yourself for another semester of stress, exams, and (let’s be serious) partying, it’s time for another bowl of Alphabet Soup. This week, on the menu for the letter “T”, we have a nice bowl of Tomas Barford. Tomas Barford is a Danish producer whose sounds immediately caught my attention.

Tomas, better known as the drummer from WhoMadeWho, uses a combination of techno, house, electronic, and disco sounds and pairs them with great vocals that make each song both club savvy but also perfect for your indie music playlist. As he took the leap into production, he showed immense versatility, with experimentations into the realms of both ambient techno and even Japanese pop music. His most recent LP, Salton Sea, is filled with songs that need to be played and replayed until it hurts. It features one of his more recognized songs, “November Skies,” which has made it to many “Best of 2012” lists.

As his success showed no limits in 2012, Tomas rang in the New Year with a mix perfect for a new start. In a recent interview with OKI-NI, Tomas gave some insight into this festive mix, aptly titled “Afterdark”.

The best environment to listen to this is in car driving around in a big city after dark” says Tomas. “Especially for DJ mixes I like to experiment a bit, so there are a lot of songs I wouldn’t dare to play in a club – it’s not a party mix. It’s mainly deep and dark, yet soft, techno and related music, but also I spiced it up with a few slower beats. I think it fits perfect for this time of year.”

It’s time to start the new year off right; with good friends and even better music. That being said, below I’ve included a great selection of songs by Tomas Barfod, as well as his “Afterdark” mix that you can spoil your ears with. Enjoy.

“November Skies” Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert

“Till We Die” Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert

“The Bell” Tomas Barfod ft. Liv Lykke

“Don’t Understand” Tomas Barfod ft. Jeppe Kjel

“Afterdark” Tomas Barfod 

I enjoy good music and good wine.

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