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100 Ways to Save Hip-Hop

100 Ways to Save Hip-Hop

I just got notice that one of my more preferred music writers, Henry Adaso, just released an article chronicling the 100 ways to save hip-hop. I’d love to give thanks to PremierLife’s very own Julie Green for sharing this article with me, but I have my own reservations with what he wrote, as I have developed a sound set of my own beliefs with regards to the hip-hop industry that, according to Nas, “Is dead.”

1. Listen to satellite radio

2. LISTEN to what you haven’t heard before

3. Change the channel when last week’s favourite song comes on the air, but play your favourite song from grade 9 on repeat on iTunes

4. Listen to British rap

5. Stop blaming Diddy

6. Stop playing Diddy- Dirty Money

7. Start listening to Diddy and the Fam

8. Stop auto-tune (8.5. Stop T-Pain)

9. Stop weed rap

10. Stop Wiz Khalifa

11. Stop associating Amber Rose with hip-hop

12. Start more free concerts

13. Start more free festivals

14. Save singing for singers

15. Save rapping for rappers (Justin Bieber [aka. Enemy Number 1])

16. Start listening to conscious rappers (Talib Kweli, Nas, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Common, and Jay Electronica)

17. Learn your history, honour your predecessors

18. Love Kanye West as an artist (CBEAR LOVES this point)

19. Stop hating Kanye West for his opinions

20. Start listening to MF Doom, King Geedorah, and Viktor Vaughn

21. Stop sending impostors wearing masks to “perform” concerts for you (MF Doom)

22. Stop “Hype-men”

23. Stop tagging mixtapes

24. Keep making mixtapes

25. Make many mixtapes

26. Stop caving into record labels

27. Love the music, not the money

28. Write stories (“Trapped in the Closet” by R. Kelly is GOLD)

29. Stop the sexism

30. Stop the racism (Nas, I am not a racist white guy, so stop making me feel like I am)

31. Stop the homophobia

32. Mos Def is a gold-standard

33. Stop weekly release programs (“GOOD Friday,” “Any Given Sunday,” etc.)

34. Pay more attention to production

35. Give producers more credit

36. Learn from J Dilla, The Ummah, The Neptunes, Timbaland, 9th Wonder, DJ Premier, Dr Dre, RZA, Lex Luger, Just Blaze, RJD2, and Rick Rubin

37. Encourage your fans NOT to tattoo your name to their foreheads

38. Make “real” hip-hop by making hip-hop real

39. Don’t be beefing

40. Don’t make backhanded comments

41. Rap disses/attacks tend to backfire

42. Stop hitting your fans at concerts (OFWGKTA)

43. R&B IS hip-hop

44. Oldschool R&B is better

45. The Weeknd and Frank Ocean pass for oldschool R&B in my books

46. Your city carries you, you owe it to them

47. Can’t we all just get along?

48. Don’t be like Chris Brown (many interpretations)

a) Don’t hit women

b) Stop mess with cult leaders (OFWGKTA)

c) Stop dying your hair blonde

d) Stop trying to be Michael Jackson

49. Stop rapping about the hood if you’re not from the hood

50. Continue giving back to your family

a) Stop letting spats split you up (Q-Tip and Consequence)

51. Continue giving back to the community

52. Stay close to your roots and learn from The Roots

53. Use your commonsense and rap like Common Sense

54. Stop swagger jacking

55. Start your own #swag

56. Listen to good production on vinyl

57. Start bridging the gap and try different styles of production

58. Start collaborating more

59. Collaborate with your heroes, contemporaries, and proteges

60. Start taking young rappers under your wing

61. Start inspiring good music

62. Stop preaching about alcohol

63. Stop preaching about drugs

64. Stop getting face tattoos

65. Start being witty again

66. Start being tasteful with album artwork again

67. Stop wearing jeggings

68. Start as a hipster’s favourite rapper

69. Stop with gangs

70. Start your own crews (OVO and XO)

71. Start making friends with other crews (OVOXO)

72. Start your own label with your crew (MMG and GOOD Music)

73. Stop wearing batting and wide receiver gloves in music videos

74. Start hiring Rex Arrow

75. Stop producing unless you are a producers (unless you’re like Kanye West, J. Cole, MF Doom, etc.)

76. Stop carrying guns

77. Stop carrying marijuana

78. Stop getting arrested (T.I.)

79. Stop Lil’ Wayne

80. Start listening to the ghostwriters (Kendrick Lamar)

81. Stop listening to those who use ghostwriters

82. Start caring for your baby mommas

83. Stay classy

84. Stop beng unnecessarily crude (Mystikal)

85. Start making progress in the industry

86. Stop over-saturating the market with your scrapped projects (learn from Shad)

87. Stop freestyling over others’ beats

88. Start using good singers for hooks

89. Pay your dues

90. Pick your battles and know your opponents

91. Start bridging over to indie-samples

92. Start believing in your talent

93. Start getting involved with musical divas (learn from Swizz Beats and Jay-z)

94. Stop dreaming about starting clothing lines and making fragrances

95. Start grooming yourself

96. Stop bragging about cars and homes

97. Listen to and learn from your haters

98. Stop letting your cockiness hold you back (Astro as seen on “The X Factor”)

99. Don’t leave music until the music has left you

100. Hip-hop is an artform, make it your own and it will never need saving

Pooch is your typical junkie. His drug and lifeblood is music. This musically inclined version of Rain Man has got you covered.

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