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What Kind of Drinker are You?

What Kind of Drinker are You?

Being a Western student does come with some stereotypes. One accurate stereotype is that we are A+ drinkers of alcoholic beverages. Whether it is through flip-cup, beer pong, keg stands, even drinking straight from the bottle…we  love alcohol. Our weekends begin on Wednesdays, and don’t finish until Saturday nights. These 4-day benders make for one extra long weekend, and student dread waking up for their 8:30am (more like 1:30pm classes).  If you can be found on Richmond Row after 12:00am….then you probably fit one of these descriptions:

  • The Bro: splits his time between the bar and the gym, comes with an entourage of 10 guys all wearing plaid shirts, thinks every girl wants to be in his pants, easily “dummies” a 24 of beer, lives for protein shakes, and makes epic-meal time style meals.
  • The Emotional Drunk: fun/confident/flirty pre-drunk but once they have a few drinks into them they can be seen drunk dialing ex’s, chain-smoking even though they “don’t smoke,” crying when someone spills Jack’s $1 beer on their shirt, and leaving the bar alone (again…crying). The highlight of their night is hitting up Sammi Souvlaki post-bar.
  • The Obnoxious Drunk: can be seen last minute chugging straight alcohol in the cab, name dropping, making everyone know that they have arrived to the bar, and getting kicked out 20 minutes later. They can be commonly found hugging toilets.
  • The Promoter: this person can let a ridiculous amount of people skip the bar line up, access to free drinks/bottle service, and seem like a celebrity in the bar. Check your facebook profile for 30 invitations and inboxes about many events you don’t want to hear about.
  • The Girl’s Girl: she always comes with her posse, dresses head to toe in Aritzia, carries a coach clutch, wears Steve Madden shoes, and drinks wine before the bar.
  • The Ultimate Party Animal: these barstars can be seen only in the DJ booth or back bar, have unlimited connections, wearing crop tops/beaters, 300+ bbm contacts, raging 7 days a week, and when not at the bar they can be found catching up on sleep. These people will most likely be at Alcoholics Anonymous by age 25.
  • The Multi-Tasker: they can be found at the predrink, the bar, the afterparty, getting that $5 hot-and-ready, class, the gym, and Weldon. You name it, and these people are there. They seem to drink a lot but somehow wake up for morning class, and are able to hit up starbucks on the way.

Overall, I strongly believe that UWO students could drink all other Canadian universities under the table (that’s you Queens).

Save the planet. It is the only one with beer.

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