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I’m a Student, So It’s Okay.

I’m a Student, So It’s Okay.

Can I just start this article by asking one simple question- Where the hell did this year go?!? Maybe my brain has blocked it out because all that snow was too traumatic, but I honestly have no idea where this year has gone. Just throwing that out there, but anyways, onwards to the article.

I’m supposed to graduate this year. However, some of my peers did a victory lap of high school, so I decided I would do one of university. Whatever, sue me. I just like being a student. I like how in this time period of my life there are certain advantages and things that I can get away with that in real life would definitely be frowned upon. Frankly, I’m not ready to give up this lifestyle and I doubt you would be either if you lived like I do. I’m sure you understand, because more than likely you’re a student too.

I have been able to compile these things that students can do that would not be so acceptable in the “real” world:

Going to a kegger on a Wednesday night. Real life: irresponsible. Student life: solid pre to JBRs #FTW.

Drinking on a city bus because you had a late exam and are getting to the pre late. Real life: alcoholic. Student life: beauty call.

Having a four day weekend. Real life: Working part time at Tim Horton’s. Student life:  Social Science #BOOM.

Celebrating fake holidays like St. Patty’s Day and Homecoming because our parents make us go home for the real ones and these ones endorse drinking. Real life: Alcoholic…. again. Student Life: St. Patrick’s Day > Christmas

My guy friends grow out their hair. It’s greasy and untamed and horrible but they can because they’re students. Real life: homeless. Student life: flow.

Thursday: Random One. Friday: Random Two. Saturday: Random Three. (I’m not saying I do this, I’m just saying I’ve heard this happens). Real life: Whore. Student Life: Game.

Staying awake for 24 hours. Real life: Insomnia. Student Life: Typical, either for school work or a really good night out.

Not letting your phone leave the palm of your hand. Real life: You can’t leave work at work. Student Life: Popular and social networking royalty.

Drinking a 26er in a night. Real life: Alcoholism (I see a trend). Student life: Sooo #Boss.

Taking pictures kissing your girlfriends. Real life: Lesbian (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Student life: Girl Game/ experimentation.

Going away for an all inclusive vacation. Real life: relaxing. Student life: remember to book a real vacation after this “vacation.”

Being conceded. Real life: Asshole. Student life: Sexy. (Note: No picture can capture the true meaning of this)

Living on Kraft Dinner by day, and street meat by night. Real life: Unhealthy, possibly on the verge of homelessness. Student Life: Financially intelligent and delicious.

Having stoner paraphernalia, drinking games and movie posters as decoration and center pieces. Real life: Pathetic and inappropriate. Student Life: Great use of wall space.

Using hangovers as an excuse. Real life: Not good, probably going to get fired. Student life: Well deserved rest.

So well some of you may be leaving the best place on earth aka Western and the best living situation known on this planet, I will be enjoying the student life for a little bit longer because I love being able to do everything on this list (if I wanted to) because I’m a student, so it’s okay.

eat bacon. drink fountain pop.

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