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Is Raf Simons Heading to Dior?

Is Raf Simons Heading to Dior?

Is Raf Simons heading to Dior? The suspense is killing me! Ever since John Galliano‘s shocking anti-semetic rant this past March, and his firing from the LVMH powerhouse, Dior, there has been so much speculation as to who is successor would be. Initially, I was convinced (along with others, WWD included) that it would be Simons. But the speculation has calmed down the past couple of months and I was beginning to wonder what discussions were going on behind closed doors; they seem to be very secretive about the successor of Galliano—and rightfully so. Dior is arguably one of the most influential fashion houses in the world and the decision of who is to become the new creative director for the company is crucial.

So, the new news is that Simons is being seriously considered for the position and that the contract is in the final stages. Simons is currently Jil Sanders‘ creative director and his creative direction would be rather unorthodox for the Dior because his designs are notably minimalist, modern, and futuristic. There’s talk that there will be an announcement before the end of the year and I can hardly wait. Although Galliano’s right hand man, Bill Gaytten, has been taking over in the mean time, Dior lacks creative direction. The spot needs to be filled so that the fashion industry, and the world, can get over this unfortunate public stunt and begin to focus on re-establishing itself in a new positive light.

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