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Eat, Pray, Look Good

Did I say, “Look good?” I meant to say, “Love.”  Eat Pray Love, that is.  If you haven’t clued in yet, you’re probably a male reader lost in the Women’s Fashion tags.  To find your way back take two hard back spaces or a sharp click on the Sports section.  (You could, however, take a tiny detour and keep reading for a chance to impress your girlfriend later… Just saying).

Eat Pray Love was Columbia Pictures’ feel-good film of the year based on finding balance, spirituality and oneself in Italy, India, and Bali.  Much like Julia Roberts’ character in the movie, London native Diana Charabin sold her car, surfboard and drums on a whim to embark on a yoga training journey in Bali and Indonesia.  To say she found balance, spirituality, and herself is an understatement.  Charabin returned as the founder and designer of Tiny Devotions: the laid back, earthy, ultra trendy mala necklace company.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure, mala necklaces are prayer beads used in meditation.  Tiny Devotions’ malas are hand-made out of Rudraksha seeds, which are said to have spiritual healing qualities.  Each mala has 108 beads (an important number in both the Hindu and Buddhist religions) along which mantras are recited.  At the centre of each mala’s 108 beads in the guru stone used to thank teachers and, in Diana’s words, “Those who have gotten you to where you are in your life.”

Though malas traditionally have a high spiritual value, Tiny Devotions’ necklaces are, “more of a fashion piece.” They are boho-chic and largely symbolic of the bohemian lifestyle.  The malas available have agate, onyx, turquoise, citrine, rose quartz and amethyst guru stones.  They represent grounding, strength, communication, prosperity, love and spirituality, respectively.  Whether mala necklaces appeal to your inner-fashionista or your inner-guru they are meant to be reminders of the important things in life.

So… do you feel like packing up and searching the Eastern Hemisphere for you own balance and spirituality?  Is your preliminary mid-term exam schedule already getting in the way of said plans?  Try making the shorter journey over to Moksha Yoga at 677 Richmond Street, Suite 4 to pick up your own Tiny Devotions mala necklace.  You can also contact Tiny Devotions to purchase malas via the Internet.  Malas are priced at $108.00 each.  It’s always nice to have jewelry with sentimental value, especially if it can make you smile with your heart.

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