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10 Commandments of Style: PRINTS CHARMING!

10 Commandments of Style: PRINTS CHARMING!

As I type this, it’s currently a miraculous 14 degrees in London, Ontario. Funny because it is also 14 degrees in Los Angeles. However, that’s besides the point because what this really means is that you can finally burn put away the Canada Goose jacket you’ve been wearing all year. This column will hopefully be the start of something new—maybe it will even add a little inspiration to your daily wardrobe choices. Personally, I am sick of seeing the Roots sweats and combat boot combination all over campus. It seems like everyone’s wardrobe at Western U consists of the (conformist) wool turban and the military anorak that you got from Aritzia, combined with your overly-priced leopard print scarf (which is probably from Aritzia, too). Maybe I got it wrong…are you wearing an over-sized Wilfred knit, some leggings, and riding boots? Yes I said it, and you probably think I’m some anti-bitch for it. If it’s not obvious already, I have a huge disdain for typical fashion choices.

For your sake, I’ve scoured through many of my favourite spring 2012 runway shows to bring you what will be known as “The 10 Commandments of Style”. Each week I will put forward a trend that I’ve seen on the runways, with pieces from various stores that showcase that trend at a reasonable price. Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Fashions fade but style is eternal,” and I stand by this quote wholeheartedly. Let’s put some style back into our wardrobes!

It’s no secret that prints were loud and proud all over the spring runways, whether they were floral, tribal-inspired, paisley or even abstract. Countless notorious styleites are known for being bold and mixing prints; however, this trend can be as simple as mixing one printed piece into your wardrobe. Below are my picks on the season’s hottest items to add to your spring wardrobe. Remember: Clothes mean nothing without style, so always be creative!

From left to right: Derek Lam; Mary Katrantzou; Hermès; Thakoon; Yigal Azrouël.

1. Topshop blouse

2. ASOS flats

3. H&M blazer

4. XXI jewelry box

5. Zara messenger bag

I believe that one look in Anna Wintour's eyes will turn your chiffon into corduroy, Anna Piaggi needs her own reality show, and Joan Smalls' face alone could break 10 hearts in a single glance. So what does this third year self-proclaimed science nerd know about fashion exactly? I hope you'll stay tuned to find out!

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