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Superbowl Commercials Preview

Superbowl Commercials Preview

Superbowl XLVI…. it’s coming close and some of you may already have plans for watching the big game. For a football fanatic, this is an annual tradition of great moments behind a big screen TV whether it be in the living room, sharing it with other football enthusiasts… or a frolicking night at your favourite hangout or sports bar.

While you’re betting away on which team will win, whether the Lombardi trophy will go to the Patriots or the Giants, there’s something else that makes this game so cool. For you it may be the half-time show, but for me, it’s the commercials that will air during that game. The Superbowl will host the most expensive air-times sold in the history of television. For a price tag of $3.5 million, you can air  a 30-second commercial. With 111 million viewers reported in the US last year for Superbowl XLV, this will be a great opportunity for any companies who want to pitch their grand marketing campaigns. With a $3.5 million cheque made to the licensed broadcasters, there’s no doubt that all the companies will want to showcase unique commercials that will make the viewers laugh and smile.

Well here’s a sneak peak of a few of the commercials that will air this coming Sunday:

Great creativity! Unfortunately, it won’t be the featured Volkswagen Superbowl commercial but rather a teaser commercial. The featured one for Volkswagen is the next video below.

After watching this commercial, Volkswagen might have some good taste after all…

Chevrolet really does well in this commercial. Somebody give the Happy Grad an Oscar.

Another featured commercial from Chevrolet. It’s alright, but I still think the Happy Grad commercial is better.

Classic! If you’ve seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, you’ll probably be familiar with the theme of this commercial.

Keep your eyes peeled for these Superbowl commercials during the big game. Enjoy them! Have a happy Superbowl party!

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